Spell is currently a Beta release. It is a web based service for the time being. It can be accessed via web browser on desktop, laptop and mobile devices. The video player has the ability to airplay or chromecast movies. Please use the airplay/chromecast icon on the video player to cast to your TV. Enjoy Spell will soon be available on mobile and TV apps.
Spell’s streaming service will be formally launched in North America and around the world in early 2022. However, we have started to test our streaming infrastructure and content. For this purpose, we have gone live with a Beta release so we can get consumer feedback to tailor our service as per consumer requirement.
Spell is a brand owned by Spell Movies LLC, a USA based company. Spell is a technology driven, consumer focused media company. In the past, Spell has been the exclusive licensee of major Hollywood studios in South Asian countries namely Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh for home video and digital. For details please visit and
Everyone registering for free gets access to our Freemium bundle which features selected curated content. Freemium bundle does not expire and you can watch it as long as you want. We regularly add new movies to Freemium bundle. You can upgrade to any premium package anytime and still retain access to Freemium movies. In selected territories, Spell is free to access.
We offer two Membership bundles. 1-Week plan and 3-Month plan depending on the country. Certain territories have free access to content. You can cancel anytime. Cancellation will be effective after your current membership subscription expires.
Memberships can be securely paid online using credit or debit cards. All recurring subscriptions are automatically charged on the due dates.
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